Autumn Barn Dance

Open Air Service at Warnham Park

Easter Lilies

Palm Sunday procession

Fun on Mothering Sunday

Churchyard tidy-up

Rogation Walk - Beating the bounds

Warnham Church Bazaar

Remembrance Parade

Harvest Lunch

Harvest Festival Flowers

Walsingham Youth Pilgrimage

Eleven of our young people travelled to Norfolk for a week of camping at the National Shrine.

Path of Pennies - Christian Aid

As part of our fund-raising for Christian Aid Week, St Margaret's congregation and the children at Warnham School saved up all their pennies and tuppences and made a path of coppers from the church door to the Parish Room. We had so many coins, they reached there and back five times! The pennies when added up came to £115 which added to our door-to-door collection brings the total to £1,478.