Who can be married in Warnham?

Anybody who lives in the parish or has a ‘qualifying connection’ with the church may be married here. See the criteria below for what this means.


People aged sixteen or seventeen can only be married with the written consent of a parent or guardian.


If you have been divorced and your previous partner is still alive, you may still be able to have a church wedding. There is a simple discernment process, in which you will be asked to talk through the circumstances in which your first marriage ended: this is to ensure that you can undertake a new marriage with good conscience and that a church wedding is right for you. Most divorcees value the chance to reflect on past experience and to realise afresh the good things they have been given in their new relationship.


Sadly, at present the Church of England is forbidden by law from celebrating same-sex marriages. Gay couples are warmly invited to speak to the clergy about appropriate prayer and support as they prepare to marry.


To be married in St Margaret’s you must meet one of the following criteria:

  • One of you lives in the parish of Warnham
  • One of you is on the Church electoral (membership) roll.
  • Either you or your parents have lived in Warnham for six months during your lifetime.
  • Either you or your parents have worshipped regularly (at least once a month) in St Margaret’s for six months during your lifetime.
  • You were baptised or confirmed in this Church.