When do baptisms take place?

Baptisms at St Margaret’s usually take place during the main Sunday morning service at 10am, so that we can welcome and support you, as you join the family of God. The format of these 10 o'clock services varies a little from week to week, but for babies and younger candidates we would suggest that the Family Communion service, held on the third Sunday of each calendar month is probably the most appropriate. If another Sunday suits you better however, for reasons of either date or style, it may be possible to arrange a baptism in one of the other services, and you should discuss this with the Vicar and/or Parish Office.


Traditionally, baptisms have also taken place on Easter Eve, the night before we celebrate the new life and resurrection of Easter Day. We continue this practice in Warnham, so especially if you are considering an adult baptism, this is another option you may wish to consider.